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Partner AntEM Lab - TSC - UNIOVI (Universidad de Oviedo)
  • Degree requirements: Telecommunication Engineer
  • Tasks:
  • Start date: April 1, 2009
Contact info flasherasarrobatsc.uniovi.es

Course on Terahertz Technology and Applications - 2009

In the framework of the European School of Antennas (ESoA), I am pleased to do the first announcement of the course “Terahertz Technology and Applications” scheduled for May 2009. The course is organized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Spain), with the participation of Prof. Peter H. Siegel (CalTech, USA), Prof. Giles Davies (University of Leeds, UK), Prof. Michael Siegel (University of Karlsruhe, Ge), Prof. Antti Räisänen (Helsinky University of Technology, Finland) and Dr. Peter de Maagt (European Space Agency). It will be given during the full week 25-29 May 2009 at the UPC in Barcelona Spain. The courses are mainly intended for PhD students, engineers and Post Doc with a background in Electromagnetics, but it is open to whoever is interested. The preliminary detailed program of the course, the registration form, the application form for student travel grant and the accommodation and access guide can be found the links below.

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Project Summary

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Terahertz electromagnetic radiation (from 100 GHz to 10 THz) that lies in the boundary region between light and radio waves has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years due to its ability to achieve innovative sensing systems. Terahertz waves can handle significant short pulse signals with the corresponding potential spatial resolution, penetrate light opaque materials and identify and visualize microscopic structures through spectral analysis. Therefore, terahertz waves are expected to be advantageously used for near, short and medium range scanning systems for hazardous or contaminant materials and testing devices for medical examinations. There is a sensation that terahertz technology represents the dawn of a new era. The perception is that the technologic development of the field could open a range of new opportunities in some respect comparable to the ones opened by the microwave technologic development of the 60-70’s and for the optoelectronics of the 70-80’s.

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