This program has joint the efforts of the electromagnetic visualization community working on the areas of electrodynamics, electromagnetic, numerical simulation, high frequency technology, system design, pattern recognition and information fusion to investigate, develop and experiment first prototypes of a new generation of radio systems based on a the use of Terahertz electromagnetic spectrum both, to interrogate the matter and to produce graphic information for the visualization and monitoring of a set of original significant new parameters of physical and geographical phenomena.

More precisely, the activities initiated by the Programme have been:

- The definition and construction of a terahertz networked laboratory infrastructure at national level able to support the development of the different devices and subsystem:

· THz Physical and Numerical Modeling Joint Laboratory.

· THz Device technology lab assembled a test-set until 110 GHz.

· THz Radiation Measurement Joint laboratory

- The construction of the three prototype instruments:

· A 0.1 THz band THz Short-Range Real Time 2D Imaging Camera for Security Applications.

· A 0.3 THz band High Resolution Remote Sensing Imaging Radar for Environmental Monitoring.

· A 0.5-3 THz Near-Field System for Biostructures Sensing and Imaging.