Circuit Laboratory

 The device technology lab has developed several tools and procedures for analysis, design, assembling and characterization of devices and circuits at THz bands.


pnaxprobeswband s21_LNA


Fig. 1 From left to right – a) Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), b) High power Amplifier (HPA), c) Band Pass Filter, d) Transition Back to Back WR-10, e) PNAX with on-wafer probes upto 110 GHz, f) LNA gain measured on-wafer.

Custom-made waveguide-microstrip transition manufactured with standard PCB prototyping machinery. Adaptation is achieved in all the range of interest and losses are below 2dB.



Fig. 2 From left to right – a) Waveguide-microstrip transition, b) Submillimeter wave antenna array for beem-Steering through frequency scanning, c) Array (b) with the transition (a).




Fig. 3 Band Pass Filter


Design and analysis of the LC reflectarray demonstrator. Completed the reflect array design of different architectures and the stacked design is complete.



Fig. 4 LC Reflectarray